11. Privatise Transport

1. Sell the Roads

All roads being property they should be privatised. We all know what a bad job both central and local government does of building and maintaining roads. Private companies should raise funds however they can, including tolls and sponsorship and adjoining property charges. Just like the water network, the road network will be vastly improved. When private, it will be up to these companies, and their customers, what speed limits to set and how seriously to punish potentially damaging driving. Once death, injury or damage occurs, it will be a matter for the courts, however the current centralised and politically driven anti-car, anti-speed and anti-road-building restrictions should no longer apply.

2. Abolish Green Belt

The Green Belt stifles the development of new houses and businesses. It makes prices in London exorbitant and causes great traffic problems. Given the freedom to build as people want, housing can be created that includes green amenities within it. Ask a man on the street if he wants a larger, cheaper house, or a ring green fields that he hardly ever visits.

3. Abolish Licensing. MOT. DVLA. VCA

These represent government control of the car industry which is no longer nationalised and should be freed.