2. Abolish Taxation

The state today takes 40% of what you earn. The vast majority of it is used for the improper provision of services which the individual should be allowed to choose for himself from the free market. The remainder, the institutions that provide law, order and defence, can and should be paid for voluntarily.

1. Low funds needed after privatisations

After the privatisation of health, education, unemployment insurance, and roads, the state will need relatively little money. Many of the various 'benefits' handed out today will simply never be taken from the pockets of the recipients in the first place. Those who are unable to provide for themselves should turn to charity. Those who worry about 'the poor' and so on, will still be able to give money to them, through charities. This voluntary mechanism will also prevent money intended to help people being used for state social engineering projects. You can always give to a different charity whereas you can't give to a different government.

2. Abolish all environmental taxes

Environmental law such as conservation building regulation, fuel tax and the new energy tax on industry is a clear case of one group of people using the force of government to alter the behaviour of another group. Those who want to stop progress and long for some sort of pre-industrial pastoral idyll should go and live in a rainforest. Those who think the ozone is disappearing should check their facts. And those think that industrial carbon dioxide will cause us all to drown should go and live on a hill. They should leave the rest of us to decide for ourselves. Environmentalism is not scientific. It is full of incredibly hasty generalisations about how the climate works, and often promoted by those who simply like to destroy human values. The planet as such is not alive and so has no value - it merely is. The Friends of the Earth are the enemies of man.

See essay: riotcauses.htm

3. Lottery

The huge revenue generated each week by the National Lottery shows how easy it would be to finance the government voluntarily.