1. Establish a Written Constitution

See Essay: anewcon.htm

1. Protecting Individual Rights

The government is the sole institution within a geographic area having the right to retaliate with physical force against aggressors, either domestic or foreign. This right derives by consent from the rights of its individual citizens to defend their own life and property. These they defer to the state, except in emergencies, in order to enjoy the benefits of a stronger force, standardised laws of evidence and consistent penalties. The state has no other purpose than to defend the lives and property of its citizens. All other state activity is simply the use of force by one group of citizens over another.

2. Second Elected Chamber

The main reason for changing the Lords into an elected chamber is so it effectively block bad legislation from the Commons. Currently the Lords is largely controlled by the largest party in the Commons. By voting for different parties in each House, it will be possible to stop the government passing laws to give itself more powers.

3. Split executive from legislature

The Prime Minister, his Cabinet and his ministers are all in positions of power as they issue state orders. Being members of the Commons, they can also vote for laws that give them more power. Hence they should not be MPs. Instead, the executive should be headed by an elected President as in America, who appoints ministers from outside the legislature, but whose appointments must be approved by the legislature. The executive should have no power to make law or regulations, only to enforce those made by the legislature.

People in England sometimes argue that the combination of executive and legislature provides strong decisive government. But strength can be harmful and decisiveness can be ill-considered. Therefore, it is best to have strong checks in place, and a weak government, with each branch reined in by the others.

4. Abolish Regional Assemblies

These are new bodies designed to take more power away from the individual. They add another layer of politicians out to 'do good' who in fact cause harm since their ability to raise new taxes and create new regulations further curtails individual freedom.

5. Remove monarchical power

The monarch is not quite a mere symbol, having to sign each Bill of Parliament and also being a recipient of taxes. The Royal Family do a fine job now by stopping socialism go too far and promoting British virtues around the world. But the future will be different. Socialism will diminish as a threat. Monarchs change and so do their opinions on what is virtuous. And praising some activities of the people while not others is unfair in a 'national resource'. As Parliament develops its more self-regulating institutions, so monarchical power should be diminished, with the armed services eventually reporting to the President.