3rd February 2006
The right to freedom of speech rests on the right to life possessed by all human beings. Being able to speak and write what one thinks, follows from the right to the brain and the body that make the expression possible. To silence free speech is to put men in chains. It is essential that this principle is defended, because if dialogue in society is banned, society will be ruled by force.

The publication of a cartoon that criticises the beliefs of others is no physical threat to anyone, and so should be allowed. If some people dislike what they see, read, or hear they have only to ignore it. Their feelings create no right to control other's opinions, just as other's feelings create no right to control theirs. Imagine if all those who dislike the Koran stormed into bookshops and libraries and took it from the shelves.

Here are the cartoons from the Danish newspaper at the centre of the controversy. View them at your own discretion.

Thanks to for providing them.

Desert Mohammed
Face of Mohammed
Schoolboy Mohammed
Out of Virgins
Line up
Preaching Mohammed
Glory of Mohammed
Crescent of Mohammed.jpg
Under the Thumb
PR Stunt
Life of a Cartoonist