Funding a Capitalist Government

Once the decision has been taken by society at large to support a Capitalist government, funding will be easy. Firstly, the amount of money required to operate such a government will be approximately a tenth of today's. This is because the government will only provide law and order, not roads, hospitals (20%), welfare (35%) and education (14%). Secondly, people will have voted for capitalism because they understand the importance of individual property rights. This understanding will alter the way people look at government funding. Rather then seeing it as a necessary evil, they will gladly pay for their own protection. Methods for rationally linking property with protection might include the following: a voluntary contract charge of 1% on the value of any contract signed between two companies which entitles the payer to bring that contract to court if a breach occurs; a similar voluntary charge at the point of sale to customers; a lottery. Thirdly, there will be much more wealth produced by capitalism and so people will easily be able to afford to pay for the government.