Arenít we already living under Capitalism?

Not if you care to give meanings to words. Capitalism is the political system based on individual rights under which all property is privately owned and controlled. The opposite is statism which is based on collective "rights" and under which all property is "publicly" owned and or controlled. Without a proper written constitution, Britain has no guiding principle: it depends on the whims of Parliament. These vary with the moment, hence the contradictory nature of our laws. Some such as the various Railways Acts have turned private property into public. Some such as the laws against burglary have upheld the individualís right to his property. And some, such as the tax laws have tried to mixed both principles: a business may keep some of its profits, but not all of them. Britainís system is a mixture of capitalism and statism, of individual freedom and state control, which may change in any session, and which thereby hold the people of this country in a political climate of uncertainty and unease. This is a major reason why the British are so cynical about politics and why businesses move elsewhere. As capitalism has nothing to gain from statism, but statism has a lot to gain from capitalism, and as todayís politicians conceal the statist nature of their policies, an appropriate term for the system we currently live under is semi-statism.