Which social system would you prefer?

Sharia Law

Blair Law / Authoritarian Britain

Laissez-Faire Capitalism

can't eat certain meat / foods as stipulated by Allah

can't eat certain foods as stipulated by health agency, education agency etc

eat what you like (but no poisoning others)

can't lend money on interest

can lend money on interest but govt. controls interest rate (it could be 0 such as in Japan so then it would be Sharia)

bank how you like (but no fraud)

alcohol is banned

alcohol is allowed, but only with permission of govt and after paying a fine

drink what you like

polygamy is allowed so that one man can be responsible for multiple families

polygamy is banned but we're all responsible for each others' families through social security, NHS, education etc.

individuals are responsible for themselves and the consequences of their own actions only

everything belongs to God

everything potentially belongs to the state (nothing stops a law being passed to take anything away from anyone or stop anyone doing anything)

all property is privately owned

economy is strictly controlled

economy is strictly controlled

work how you like

a tithe of 2.5% is taken from all Muslims

a tithe of 40% is taken from all earners (tax to GDP)

0% is taken from anyone (police etc are funded by lottery and voluntary contract insurance)

the needy and suffering receive assistance from the state

the needy and suffering receive ever increasing assistance from the state which is achieved by increasingly punishing the unneedy and unsuffering

the genuinely needy and suffering receive assistance from willing private citizens

praying to Allah at certain times of day is mandatory

praying is not mandatory, but paying for others to do so is under employment law

your superstitions are your own business but don't compel others to conform to your unenlightened opinions

the law is fixed so everyone knows where they are

the law is fluid amounting to tyranny - anything can become law with no limits other than a simple majority in the Commons. In addition there's Euro Law and executive orders with few limits.

the law is limited by a constitution preventing tyranny and enshrining freedom through individual rights

dress is strictly controlled

dress is not controlled except in schools where religion must be taken into account

wear what you like; if you run a school, you make the rules

writing and speech are strictly controlled

writing and speech are not controlled, unless it might offend religions or races or some other group that complains enough to Parliament

say what you like

women are oppressed

men are oppressed through employment law demanding women are paid the same even if they do less work in a particular job

no one is oppressed

the state spreads the word of Islam through its schools and mosques

the state spreads various government messages through its schools, TV ads, billboards and control of broadcasting licences

the state does not interfere in schools nor use the media

Here's my Vote:

Sharia Law


Blair Law







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